Monday, December 16, 2013

Remove Invasive Species

Day 15: Remove Invasive Species

As I look around at the blanket of snow right now, it's hard to think about invasive species! However, they still lurk beneath the surface of the dirt or as sleeping bushes or trees in the winter. They may even look pretty or taste good during their beauty in spring and summer; however, one way to show nature kindness is to help get rid of invasive species.

The kids and I went to a program about Invasive Species at Elkhart County Parks earlier this spring--how informative!

Here is basic information from the Indiana DNR about invasive species, including fish and animals. This site looks at plants more. Indiana Native Plants and Wildflowers will always be a good bet for information on native plants.

Personally, I think starting with garlic mustard is an easy and gratifying way to start eradicating invasive species. While prolific, it's easy to pull and identify. A lot can be cleared at one time. Plus, it's tasty! My kids always ask if they can go pull that weed they can eat.

This video shows how the burning bush transformed the landscape of upstate New York. It is striking, but not quite worth it.

This brochure talks about why various people should care about invasive plants--the hunter, the hiker, boaters, anglers, cyclers, loggers, you! It also shares what people can do.

Beyond pulling invasive plants, planning for future plants can also help combat invasive species. Looking for native plants and/or replacing less desirable invasive species could be a project to start now.

Do an act of nature kindness--get in gear to combat invasive plants now! Often, local parks will host invasive species removals. It's a fun time to work together!