Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Feed the Birds

Day 4: Feed the Birds

I'm not sure who this helps the most--the birds or us? Last year, my then three-year-old bought a bird feeder with his Christmas money. We put it out on the front yard where the rambunctious boys play all the time. I thought we wouldn't get many birds so close to the action, but they easily came. They returned after we didn't fill it up for a bit. They were quite forgiving. We have enjoyed watching birds come near our window--we can see nature in action! We get to know the characteristics and identify the birds through our interaction. Friends tell me stories of birds in their yard tapping on the window as they request a fill up for the bird feeder. Here is more information on how and why to keep bird feeders, though planting native plants that are beneficial to the birds and insects birds eat is important.

We made the following bird feeders recently, though there are numerous ways of making homemade treats for the birds, such as bird seed cookies (no sugar! We made some at Holiday at the Mill), suet balls, garlands, and other fun ways of sharing the bounty with the birds. These make great, no clutter gifts that help others spread the bird feeding love!

Snow sculpture bird feeder

Cardboard bird feeders

Spread a little nature kindness today--feed the birds or share your bird feeding stories with others!