Sunday, October 14, 2012

Knollbrook Farm and Pumpkin Patches

After the boys got off the bus on a BEAUTIFUL fall day, I realized it was PERFECT to visit one of the fall farm activities. I found a good deal for Knollbrook Farm the previous week.

There were several activities to choose from outdoors . . . we all seemed to like this water pump race--many scientific principles in place and we experimented a bit. 

A boy loves a ride--there as a place to ride various trikes and such.

A digging option is  a MUST for all kids outdoors!

Giant spider! We've been talking about spiders in our nature preschool group--did you know there is a spider within 3 feet of you just about all the time?  Kind of creepy if I think about it too much! However, I haven't killed the resident spider in my bathroom. It might help with any creepy crawlies that happen that way.

There was also a giant corn maze. I was with the younger crowd of our group, so we just meandered and found a way out when we decided we were done. However, it also has Indiana history trivia throughout which could be a great challenge and way to extend the activity. We also visited the petting farm area. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Is it "nature"? It got my kids outside playing in great weather. We explored a farm and looked at plants growing. Yes, it fits nature in my book, just not as "wild" as some options. I like this farm in particular for the cost. While we did have a promotional cost off a website, it still seemed to be cheaper as I was researching the various options in the area. 

There are several other options that are great for fall farm fun:

Amazing Acres in Edwardsburg on 12 has always had good reviews, but it's a little pricier. However, you can buy just certain options rather than the whole package. 

I've also heard of several groups going to Kercher's Sunrise Orchard with good results. 

Can you believe there is a whole website dedicated to pumpkin patches in Northern Indiana??

Can't wait to try some more next year! We missed picking apples this year with the strange weather this year. It sounds like the early warm up with a hard frost later damaged many of the blossoms. Hopefully next fall will have a better crop!