Friday, May 15, 2020

7 Day Loose Parts Challenge

I’ve noticed a lot of people get confused about loose part and are worried they won’t do it right. That’s why I created the Loose Parts Challenge, a 7 day journey where you’ll go from confused to confident. Participants will know exactly how to apply loose parts at home or in the classroom.  

May 25-31st, 2020
Zoom Call Nightly at 8 pm Eastern Time (will be recorded)
Beta Class at Special Cost $20 USD, Payable via PayPal
Support Community (Private Facebook Group)
Daily Accountability Threads
Daily Zoom Sessions (recorded and posted if there are time conflicts)
Daily Worksheets for Each Step

Bonus Materials

Hosted by Dr. Carla Gull from Loose Parts Play/Loose Parts Nature Play.

Pay the $20 class fee on PayPal. If you are having issues with this, please email me at and we'll look at other options. Sorry for any inconveniences. We'll get you in!

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