Monday, December 2, 2013

Share Nature with Others

Day 2: Share Nature with Others

This fall, I took a friend out to take pictures at Bonneyville Mill. She only lived on the other end of Bristol toward Elkhart from the Mill, but had never been there in the five years she lived in the house. We met for an early morning walk and had cameras in tow.

As we looked for good shots and views, we had a fun time connecting with each other and with nature.  We had a few good shots, but also left with renewed spirits, a little physical activity, and a stronger friendship. We had also filled our Vitamin N quotient for the day. As we left, she said, "I might actually like living in Indiana if I did things like this more often." It made my day to hear this, but also made me wonder about others who could benefit from time in nature if they were given the invitation and/or opportunity.

How can you share nature with others?

I've obviously dedicated a small slice of the web to sharing nature with others. You can share pictures, stories, and Facebook statuses about spending time in nature. I know I am inspired as I see pictures and updates of others out and about in the area. You inspire others as you share what you do. Inviting someone along is another way to share. A couple of years ago, our family gave our niece and nephew a "nature club" for Christmas. Each month throughout the year, we met to have an outdoor learning adventure. It combined learning and lots of fun and exploration! We had a blast! As many of you know, I also share nature by teaching classes and leading groups to connect with nature in our local area. Invite a friend to attend!

How will you share nature with others this week?