Saturday, December 14, 2013

Be Kind with Snow Fights

Day 13: Be Kind with Snow Fights

We had plenty of snow in the last couple of days. Church is even cancelled for the weekend! It's kind of nice to slow down and just spend time at home. Of course, we had to throw the boys outside to play.

As you can imagine, snowball fights ensued!

Maybe a ball was even thrown into the mix!

My plea for nature kindness today is to be kind with snow! We didn't have any tears at our house today, but I'm sure we have in the past. Many of us have felt that sting of icy crystals hitting our face. Tips for being kind during a snow fight include:

1. Avoid hitting faces, especially rubbing snow all over one's face. Not that that has ever happened to me. Never.
2. Make a fort to protect yourself. You might try hiding behind a tree or other cover. 
3. Make a stash of ammunition. Allow your opponent to do the same.
4. Watch out for the little guys and gals. Their tolerance may be quite less for having snow all over them, especially in the face.
5. Avoid ruining other's creations, unless the other person is in on it and wants to destroy it. 
6. Take a few seconds to truly marvel at the wonder of snow!
7. Be a good sport.
8. Realize accidents happen.

Remember, a snowball fight is supposed to be fun. Read the body and facial cues of the other people to know when things are going to far. Try to call it quits while everyone is happy! Have fun!