Friday, December 13, 2013

Say Thank You

Day 12: Say Thank You!

I volunteer at a local nature center. When I went in today, there was an envelope full of pictures and notes from a field trip not long ago. How sweet! While I'm sure the children were "encouraged" to write these notes by their teachers, I have recently been reminded about how a simple thank you note can make a great impact.

Nature Thank You Notes can be done for many reasons:
1. Give appreciation for a program or event you attended.
2. Say thanks for information that was shared. (I know I have a few friends that follow the blog and frequently share information they know I will be interested in--I should send a thank you note!)
3. Acknowledge the work that goes on behind the scenes in keeping our natural spaces open and available.
4. Recognize the legislation at various levels (city, county, state, country, and international) that help us have green spaces and initiatives.

My challenge to you this week is to send a thank you note! I prefer a handmade, recycled card with a handwritten note; however, sending a few digital pixels of enjoying your time in nature with a short e-mail or Facebook post can also do the trick! The key is to show gratitude for nature and the people behind nature in our area!

By the way, loved these great notes from Pinewood Elementary School in Elkhart and Heritage Intermediate School in Middlebury!