Thursday, December 5, 2013

Share Nature Art with Others

Day 5: Share Nature Art with Others

In the month of November, I looked at Nature Art on the blog! This can be a fun, creative experience to help us connect to nature. For our nature kindness today, why not share a little nature art with others? Think of the smiles on faces as people encounter a cairn (rock stack), nature face, or land art piece while out on a hike. Spread a little nature kindness by randomly or intentionally sharing nature art with those around you. Even snap a picture of what you have created and share it via social media. I know today, we did a couple of acts of kindness in the community (retrieved a lost glove--payback from someone recovering ours yesterday--and rang bells for Salvation Army). I shared pictures on Facebook and received tremendous response. We want to see the Good in the World. We can Be the Good in the World. Share the nature art you are creating with others! 

I have linked to several options for Nature Art in this blog post, though my list is still growing, as we didn't quite make it to 30 in November. Feel free to get a little inspiration or share a little inspiration. Pay it forward! We love seeing what you are doing! Below are a few of the projects we highlighted in November. While it is great to give final products to others, I think giving the process to others is a great gift to share as well.