Monday, June 25, 2012

Cub Scout Day Camp--Orienteering

I was asked to help with orienteering at Cub Scout Day Camp . . . what a fun week! This was the first year my son attended Day Camp and we were excited to participate. 

I "loved" it when the three-year-old found poison ivy and started rubbing it all over his clothes and head. I didn't touch those clothes for months! Yes, I have an aversion to poison ivy--itchy, itchy!

We made it a family affair, with the younger boys in the kiddy program and my husband helping with stomp rockets, similar to these, when he could. Here is an easy version if you're looking for a gift. 
They really are fun and reminded me of my days hosting Science Club in Japan and working with the Jason Project. Everything this week was space related. Great theme! 

It was a hot, hot week. I was grateful for a hat, shade, and cool water. I found that orienteering is still difficult for this age, but not impossible. A few helpful tips we found were to create a flat shelf with one hand to hold the compass. The boys wanted to grip around it. Practicing the flat shelf without the compass helped when we were ready to use the compass.

We explored maps, how to use compasses, and how to make our own compasses. I had great helpers each day who were leaders and examples. While my background is in education, I was reminded of excellent teaching techniques from a twelve-year-old scout. He's a great leader already!

The Day Camp leaders did an excellent job pulling together all the needed materials and activities for our adventures. Great experience!

During my "free" time, I enjoyed going on another hike with a few wild edibles, exploring aquatic bugs, trying my hand at bb guns, and touching fish!