Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wish Lists

Day 7: Wish Lists

Area natural resource providers most likely have wish lists! You can be a part of nature kindness by helping fill some of these needs. We stopped at Pokagon State Park today and saw this list:

It mentioned the current needs to feed their animals and the wildlife outside. They could also use binoculars and field guides. In particular, they mentioned needing safflower seeds, as the squirrels don't tend to eat it. Let me say, there were pretty plump squirrels near the bird feeders! I understand where they are coming from!

Most natural resource providers need similar items. Check with organizations near you to see how you might help! 

I have been working on this project at Woodlawn Nature Center to build a natural play area where it is okay for children to play with nature. See what we need here. Maybe there is something you have that might be helpful. Thanks for paying it forward! 

By the way, while we were at Pokagon State Park, we went ahead and bought our State Park Pass for 2014! These are a great gift and I mentioned it on my post this week about giving the gift of nature memberships and passes. On my Facebook page, someone mentioned getting them for all the cars in their house! I like that my husband initiated this--I am usually the nature pusher in the family!