Tuesday, November 8, 2016


My name is Carson Gull. I am ten-years-old. I am making and selling natural play dough to earn money for a mission. I use the play dough recipe that my mom uses for nature preschool. I like playing outside with nature and climbing trees. Learn about local nature at www.insideoutsidemichiana.com, our family’s nature blog. 

I sell my products at Pop-Up Handicrafts at the Old Bag Factory in Goshen, IN, or you can send my mom an email at insideoutsidemichiana@gmail.com. Feel free to call me after school at (574)966-0250. I am happy to make special orders. 

I make seasonal loose parts kits and 9 oz. play dough options for families for $2.50 each. I can also make larger batches of 95-100 oz. for educators. The cost is $15/batch with a $3 discount for educators. Mention code "educator" when ordering.  

Larger batches of pumpkin spice and allspice play dough for the Early Learning Center in Granger, IN:

I also make animal tracks from Plaster of Paris. For a set of 16 animals (26 tracks total), the cost is $45 plus shipping. What a great way to learn about tracks!
A fall loose parts add on kit:

Find samples at Pop-Up Handicrafts in Goshen, IN:

I also sell rolling pins, natural tree blocks, etc. 

We made monsters at a craft day at Pop-Up Handicrafts:

A huge thank you to RAW Sustainable Living for loose parts donations!