Sunday, June 9, 2013

Strawberry Lemonade!

We went strawberry picking last week and one of the moms that went mentioned making strawberry lemonade with some of her strawberries. She told me how she did it, but I forgot some of the details. This is my version, based on her original. And it was good . . . very good! "I think I'd like another glass" good.

To begin, we washed, cut the tops off, and halved our strawberries.

I measured 4 cups of the berries in the blender. Then I grated the zest of one lemon with a microplaner. I also quartered and peeled 2 of the lemons, seeds and all. We have a powerful Vitamix blender. Supposedly, it can handle that stuff. And, I added 1 cup of sugar to the mix. Yes, that's a Cheerio on the table--I feel like they are everywhere now that the little guy is into table foods. 

I processed it all in the blender for about a minute. The resulting syrup was delicious--tangy and sweet!

My friend strained hers, but mine was slow going. And actually, I like the pulp. I prefer more texture, but I know everyone doesn't. I also could have blended the water then and then strained it. My friend strained hers and then poured water through the strainer.

So, I just filled the blender with water and blended away! It was delicious! I've read about "froths" as a decoration/addition to desserts and other dishes, but never really understood it. The froth was good too!