Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rhapsody in GREEN!

I stopped by Rhapsody in Green on Saturday. I loved seeing the flags across the bridges!

As soon as I entered the island, I saw tents. People camping out in nature! It was good to see the Boy Scouts helping.

Island Park in Elkhart is surrounded by rivers--it's quite picturesque. We were here a couple of weeks ago to work on the Watershed Treasure Hunt. There were geese everywhere! I wondered where they were today.

There were vendors lined around the path on the island. I was immediately drawn to this woodworker! I loved the coconut ants and metal dragonfly. We talked to him later and found he used to live near Woodlawn Nature Center but he is now living in Florida. He talked of helping put it together and caring for the Center as a child. Looking forward to hearing more of his story!

This jewelry made from natural items looked neat!

Some of the pieces were rather stunning! What unique looking seeds. They can be found here

There was music and performances in different areas. This group, Raise the Bar Drumline, did a great job of engaging the audience, being active, and making fun music!

Woodlawn Nature Center was there with a T-rex, a baby bear, and many children's activities and crafts! This boy loved the Great Horned Owl puppet! The Folkmanis Puppets are very good quality and realistic looking. Several asked about them. I give them great reviews!

Everyone wanted to see the bear and several snapped a picture.

Next door was a group of art students working on earning a European Art History trip! That would be great. I saw a few of the pieces at the Midwest Museum of American Art earlier this spring. What a worthy cause!

People were mesmerized by the fish from the fish shocking! There were several demonstrations throughout the day and a good selection of fish at hand. We enjoy learning about fish with the city biologist and crew!

These boys were excellent fish docents. Sounds like they have aspiring plans!

These boys were so excited to go fishing. They wanted the fish they caught to be put in the tanks! Validation at its finest!

This product, from Niles, Michigan, had many natural elements as well. She uses real leaves to make some of the pottery! Loved this tulip poplar! DebLynne Pottery & Soap can be found here.  

There were also many types of natural soaps and a natural insect repellant. I snagged some insect repellant. I've been meaning to make some with the various recipes I see, but sometimes buying it is easier. I'll report back!

There were ducks and ducklings along the water . . . curious minds checked them out! I"m still wondering where the geese are!

I love natural looking wood! These were great carvings! Yoder's Crafts can be contacted here

Mark's Ark did an animal show, where children had up close and personal encounters with animals!

One nice thing I noted when I returned home was a note on Facebook from Santa's Pantry. They acknowledged all the work it took to organize the festival and asked us to say a simple "Thank you" to the helpers there. Love what this organization is doing! 

Is there nature at a festival? I say, YES! I challenge you . . . next time you go to a festival, what nature do you find there? Thanks for reporting back!