Sunday, June 30, 2013

Birthday Wish List!

My birthday is coming up! What does a nature loving girl like me want? Hmm . . . considering I got a Worm Factory 360 for Mother's Day last year and Tattler Reusable Canning Lids for my birthday last year, I guess I don't usually get traditional gifts! My mom keeps asking, so here are links to a few things I'm hoping for--maybe this will give her a few options.

While out on the kayak recently, I thought about something I was actually going to get hubby for Father's Day, but only because I wanted it for myself! I saw a waterproof case for smart phones on a suggested list of presents for fathers. As the weather warms up, it would be great to take this down the river or on the lake for our summer fun adventures! Here is one good option:
Black Waterproof Case for Smart Phones

I've also been wanting some music about nature topics. She is the one who first introduced to the one of the songs about SCAT. I mean, really, who wants to sing about poop? I do! I do! One of Foster Brown's CDs with it is available here.

This band, Banana Slug String Band, also has a few albums about nature topics. This one is all about WATER!

I also would like to get better at bird calls. We have an Identiflyer (okay, I steal it from my 4-year-old--it's great for him!) and I listen on various websites, but having a CD to listen and learn bird calls in the car would be very helpful. I looked at several options and this seems to be the best bet for my level.

Another option is some type of bird bath . . . we said we'd get one for Valentine's Day (how romantic!), but never got around to it. A heated one would eventually be nice, but for now, water closer to home would be good for the birds! This has links to several types of the Pedestal Bird Bath.

What's on your birthday wish list? :-) Do you leave hints about what you'd like? My husband has been bugging me to give me the present from him early--he does this for EVERY present opportunity. He's a great gift giver!