Monday, April 8, 2013

First Fridays

Have you been to any of the First Fridays, Second Saturdays, or Third Fridays? Many of the towns nearby have special downtown celebrations. We went to Goshen First Fridays this last week after dropping off dinner for my grandparents and visiting Shanklin Park. There are usually kids activities in the town square.

What's not to love about a free bouncy house? The wait was relatively short.

He liked it, he liked it!

We wandered the streets a bit and found the art alley.

There was someone carving statues with a chainsaw. We spent some time admiring his work.

There was also a person doing glass lampwork, so we watched for a spell.

We checked out the pottery.

And more of the artwork up close and in detail. Many pieces included natural or recycled elements.

Natural stone benches are always great!

There were some "green" components to this First Friday. Bags were being given away with some purchases. There was even a 5K and dance performances to get us moving or at least thinking about it. Other First Fridays have science, nature, or conservation themes from time to time. Each month there is something new! We enjoy getting out, seeing friends and family, tasting treats, and exploring the streets and stores!

Goshen is a quaint town. I was born here many moons ago and remember Olympia Candy Company, the 4-H Fairgrounds, The Chief (rumor has it opening again on April 17th!) and my grandparents' house quite fondly. Since then, I've enjoyed Ten Thousand Villages, Better World Books, Maple City Market, and many of the other shops and restaurants along Main Street.