Monday, April 22, 2013

just goods

After the Earth Day Celebration at Howard Park, we stopped by just goods nearby. I was very impressed with this shop dedicated to its mission. The store focuses on sustainable products, with a variety of clothes, knick knacks, jewelry, household items, toys, and more!

When we entered, we were immediately welcomed. There was a bunch of banging going on upstairs for a jewelry making class! Pretty cool to make your own jewelry and it added to our shopping experience. There are more upcoming classes on making soap.

There are a fair amount of essential oils and other personal care items. The cards and notes had lovely nature themes. I really liked the bike pouches, like the one up on the wall. It made me wish I lived closer to a town where bicycle riding might be more feasible as the pouches just hook on and off very easily.

While not primarily focused only on nature (though by being sustainable, they certainly help nature!), there were natural elements throughout. There were cute felted wool birds!

Organic clothing is for sale. My boys liked the toys and kept talking about them for several days after our visit, seeing how far their allowance would stretch.

There were all sorts of felted wool items, as well as different reusable dishes and household items.

The store carries several lunch container options. We've actually been looking for a good fit for our family. I've read about many of the options for sale here on various blogs. The prices were comparable or LESS than what I've been finding online. The money stays in the community and no shipping is charged. After our time in Japan, bento boxes are just cool! It was nice to have someone explain what she personally liked about the different options, too.

I loved seeing this quote on the doorway! What we do makes a difference! The store follows this inspiration, aligned with its mission, on a daily basis. What have you done recently to be the change you wish to see in the world?

Just down the street was a Unity Gardens plot, which is another group being the change they wish to be in the world.