Sunday, January 27, 2013


I worked on some sprouts for a friend this week and thought I'd make a little post since growing food in the kitchen sounds natural to me. My son thought it was a natural for his science fair project, too.

I really have liked using the Sprout Master in the past when doing sprouts. We also have just used mason jars with lids like this. I like to use the wide mouth mason jars and recently found that I really liked the pint and a half size jar with the straight side for sprouts when my son did his science fair project on sprouts. We put 1/3 c. of beans/seeds/nuts to sprout in these jars.

There are also several options like this Sprouting Strainer Lid at Amazon, though I've also usually seen them at stores where sprouting supplies can be purchased. Another alternative is to use a porous piece of fabric, like muslin or panty house and a jar lid to strain the water a couple of times each day.

I have also really liked the resources on the website. It has supplies to purchase, good information and helpful hints, and recipes to try. I've tried several I thought were very good. There is a "sprout school" on the left side the page with step-by-step basics and general information about sprouts and their benefits. This page lists different types of seeds/nuts/beans to sprout and detailed information about that particular type of sprouting.

Basic directions are to soak a small amount of the seeds/beans overnight in water the first day. Then drain and rinse the next morning and evening. Continue rinsing 2 times a day until the sprout is how you like it. They used to say that sprouts needed to be in a dark, cool space, but on the countertop is generally fine. Try the sprouts each day until it's the desired taste. Rinse and put in the fridge to start using once the sprout is finished. They are usually good for at least a week.

Locally, sprouting supplies can be purchased at Maple City Market in Goshen and other healthfood stores in the area. We often bought them at the bulk bins when we lived in other areas and also have purchased from Country Life Natural Foods. I drive up there with my sister every 6 months or so and stock up on whole foods that will last.

Do you sprout? What do you use sprouts for? Where do you get your supplies locally? Thanks for sharing!