Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lunker's in Edwardsburg

Many of you are familiar with the big fish sign on 12 in Edwardsburg . . . we stopped by Lunker's as we finished our round up of nature centers over the last week. While technically not a nature center, it's pretty close if you ignore all the things for sale. But buying something is probably fine as well! We bought lunch to go--the Walleye special of the day and a Philly Cheesesteak. Both were delicious! Other specials include Thursday all you can eat frog legs.

While technically not a nature center, we did see the following . . .

This was starting to look like a nature center until the kids found the ATV rides and games. My husband was checking out bows and arrows for the kids, guns, and other stuff.

There is a row of fish tanks from all over.

I love this huge mural of all the lakes and waterways in this part of southern Michigan. My son found our favorite little lake.

While many animals are more exotic, several are from this area. I can imagine an animal ABC or scavenger hunt with the kids in here. We did see many animals of the human variety. Several looked like they were in the middle of ice fishing or hunting and needed to get supplies. Live bait? The store is superb for both fishing and hunting needs.