Friday, January 11, 2013

Bird Feeders

Be still my beating heart . . . stopped in at Kruse Farm Supply to get some black oil sunflower seed and suet cakes with the 4 boys in tow the other day (back when we actually had a little snow left!) for both our house and to attract more wildlife at Woodlawn Nature Center. As we looked at the feeding supplies, my three-year-old found a bird feeder and he WANTED it. He had some money left from his Christmas gift card from his grandparents, so I thought, why not? He bought a feeder and a suet cake feeder with his money and carried them around for a couple of days until we were able to put them out. He was excited to fill up his feeder.

Carry it out to the yard . . . 

And hang it up! We're still watching for birds at it! He shows such pride in his pinecone bird feeder the birds have been munching on and shows a great connection to his new feeder. We keep watching them out the window. 

Have you seen your children spend their own money on "nature"? I could make a lot of money off my kids on these:

We bought some digging kits on clearance last year and have been giving them to the boys little by little. They still ask for them as presents and this little three-year-old bought his own while we were up at Kalamazoo Nature Center. I think we need to learn how to make them ourselves next! While they are slightly messy (yes, white powder on the table for a couple of days if they aren't finished digging in one sitting), there is something about discovering, using tools, and being a scientist through these kits.