Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sledding at Pokagon

We threw the sleds in the back of the van as we were pulling out this morning just in case we made it back to Pokagon State Park and wanted to hit the slopes . . . we did! This hill is in the back past the camping area and near the Spring Shelter. When we pulled up and saw the brown hill, I didn't think this was going to work, but it worked great!

The boys (oldest one with a few graying hairs included) had a blast! The baby was sleeping so we left him in the van and checked on him a few times to make sure everything was okay.

It was interesting to note that Santa brought the SAME SLED to at least 7 other people on the hill. Usually I watch for sleds at garage sales and pick them up at discounted prices. The red saucer was $1, the red toboggan was $2, and we have one a little fancier at home that cost about $3 at different garage sales we visited over the last few summers.

The hill was still a little hard for this little guy to climb, but Dad helped him along the way. He went down on his own at least once which surprised me. He's gaining more confidence.

There were a few accidents as sleds crashed near people walking up or people didn't wait for the hill to clear before sledding. Reviewing a few basic sledding etiquette rules would be helpful before sledding. My thoughts:

1. Climb up on the sides out of the path of sledding.
2. Clear out of the downhill path quickly after sledding.
3. Allow time for the path to clear before going down the hill.
4. Take turns going down the hill.

I noticed that people waited their turn in line rather well. There was a group of dads standing near a post that was hazardous. We knew we weren't going to be out for super long, so didn't put on as many hats, gloves, etc. this time; however, if we were going to be out for more than half an hour we would have put on more layers.

It was fun to watch all the kids and adults sledding. What pure joy and rush! Of course, there are risks and sledding can hurt from time to time . . . I'm reminded of the book The Giver.


The Keeper of Knowledge shared memories with his replacement little by little. He started with the first snow fall and other fun winter thrills like throwing snowballs and sledding, until unpleasant memories, such as crashing while sledding, must be shared. It's one of my favorite books! Be safe!