Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Science Fair Projects

We've been finishing up Science Fair Projects at our house . . .

One wanted to see how sprouts were affected by various liquids. He did NOT like tasting the vinegar soaked mung beans which never sprouted. Wonder if you could make flavored beans? Hmm . . . these experiments always leave me with more questions! Do you sprout? I feel a new post coming on. It was interesting to see how it took much longer it took for the beans soaked/rinsed in Kool-Aid and Sprite to sprout--wonder what that does to our bodies?

The other wanted to explore better techniques for kicking soccer balls. This was his amended trial after he realized there were maybe too many variables which were hard to regulate.

When you're approaching nature, do you experiment, form hypotheses, record and analyze results? What have you noted? I'd love to hear about it.