Saturday, December 8, 2012

Rise Up Farms

A friend recently went out of town and let us have her CSA share from Rise Up Farms. This is a unique, permaculture minded CSA right on East Jackson street as you head into Elkhart. I was very impressed by the whole experience. Our family has participated in CSAs a few different times. I liked the variety of vegetables and the challenge to try new foods. A favorite in a past CSA was purslane, which is usually considered a weed.

I was pleasantly surprised by the share from Rise Up Farms. I liked how we each bagged our own and the coop used rocks with chalk to label the products. There were brussel sprouts, turnips, sweet potatoes, potatoes, swiss chard, collard greens, red cabbage, onions, an herb, carrots, leeks, bok choi, etc. What an assortment! And BREAD. Not grocery store bread with a twist tie on the end, but BREAD. This freshly made loaf reminded me of getting breakfast in small German towns with castles--hearty, chewy bread with lots of textures and grains. This is my kind of bread and I've missed it so!

The veggies did have a minor amount of dirt on them, which is different from many sold in the stores. However, knowing where they were grown, who grew them, and that the vegetables traveled just a short distance made up for this. They were easy to wash up.

The first dish I made was a simple pan of roasted veggies. What a delight to cut the potatoes and find pinks and purples inside! 

I tossed the cut veggies with olive oil and Happy Salt from a place out in Shipshewana.

Goodness! The brussel sprouts were yummy in it. 

I've met a few people associated with Rise Up Farms on a wild edibles hike and other places. They were friendly, young, helpful, compassionate, and energetic. Great people to support! 

Do you use CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)? What local places have you found for veggies? What are your tips for using all the food each week?