Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bremen Holy Walk

We made it to Bremen Holy Walk last year on a cold, cold winter night. The weather was fairly mild this year, which made it more pleasant. Have you been? It's a great community resource! There were so many lovely volunteers. Our guide told us he'd been helping since he was 5 or 6. He now lives in Indianapolis and comes up to continue helping each year.

There are LONG waits. We arrived about 5 pm and were slotted for bus #9. The family behind us had cards--smart! I'll need to put that on my list of things to take next year. They do have live entertainment with singing, jokes, and sing-a-longs. No food is allowed in the gym.

We were broken into smaller "families" and made the trek to pay our taxes in Bethlehem. We were part of John of Ceserea's family of fishermen, very poor, emphasis on poor, so we didn't have to pay as many taxes. Angels appeared, we saw shepherds with live sheep, Mary and Joseph with their donkey, etc. We also traveled the marketplace, with tastes of cheese and apples along the way. The Roman soldiers can be slightly scary for younger or sensitive children. Keep these children close as you see them pass by and/or be aware that some might need to hold hands with mom or dad.

This is an experience for all ages. People drive from far away to visit. It's usually held on Friday and Saturday night. There are cookies and hot chocolate at the end--yum! While it is free, there is a place to leave free offerings at the end. I can't imagine the expense and coordination to put this altogether. Check it out in 2013!

I wondered if I should include this on a website about all things "natural". Believe me, we found nature! One boy was picking up pinecones, my husband was noticing the clouds, I loved watching the clear sky and stars, and the moon made it's nightly appearance! This got our family out in nature and we took opportunities to admire its beauty along the way.