Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cub Scouts at Woodlawn Nature Center

My son's cub scout pack descended upon Woodlawn Nature Center last night. The pack rented the center for the night to host their pack meeting.

They had their traditional meeting and awards and then started exploring.

The boys found the long nose gar, the box turtle, the Canada geese, animal tracks, etc. in the pond room.

They explored with microscopes, felt snake skins, looked at the owls and birds' nests, and swapped stories about insects in the Living Michiana exhibit.

We checked out the rock collection. They were surprised at how heavy galena is! I've always been amazed at the cleavage of galena--cubes!

How interesting that the "big" boys liked the sensory bins too!

They checked out the wigwam and American Indian artifacts and learning materials in the wigwam. They also made s'mores out at the fire pit.

The older boys really enjoyed the drums. How interesting to FEEL the vibrations! Boom, boom, BOOM!

The dinosaur cave was a hit! They enjoyed digging in the sand and finding fossils and bones. "Mom, is this real?"

Woodlawn Nature Center is a great option for a scouting group, birthday party, or other gathering. I have rented facilities and organized many parties in the past. The member rates for renting the building were VERY reasonable for 2 hours. The scout leaders brought in their own food and activities were built into the facility. I wonder if I can convince my boys they need their birthday parties at Woodlawn Nature Center . . . seems much easier than cleaning the house!