Friday, November 15, 2013

Open Play at Woodlawn

We had fun at Open Play at Woodlawn Nature Center in October.

The kids mostly played outside. They pulled sticks together and used a picnic table as a base for their fort.

The Center recently received a grant from NAI Region 4 to get a few things like these extra long fabrics, perfect for fort building. Little by little, the pieces came together until they had their own little hide away.

"Mom, look at this beetle we found." I love it when they find things they want to share with me! 

Other children inside were enjoying the puppet theater. I love this little spot and watching the children interact. It's also kind of cool because my efforts brought it to the center. :-) I appreciate the volunteer who made it once she knew of the need and a good friend who donated the money for the puppets. The kids love them! 

Outside, the kids played with blocks. 

They also got out the buckets and the shovels. 

The topic was spiders, so we read some books and did a few spider activities. Then we hunted for spiders outside. We certainly found them! It was neat to see a mom and her kids exploring spider webs as well. 


My niece really enjoyed the things from the Music and Movement area.

We needed a little more time with the fort for embellishments!

The kids had a great time playing outside, building, calculating, designing, moving, etc. Great skills to use on a day 'off' school! 

Open Play happens twice a month at Woodlawn Nature Center. It is $2/child or free for members with a different topic each time. There are extra activities, story time, and a hike available. 

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