Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nature Name Cards

Day 12: Nature Name Cards

I was so impressed with an activity we did at Children, Nature & Art the other day. We've done this several times by now and each group made name placards with a recycled postcard. We had natural materials on the table and previously some had glued a few things on here or there, but this group really got into it! We spent much more time on it than we anticipated, but it was great to see the creative process explore new avenues. As we do our own nature art, I hope we will take some time to do that as well--let us EXPLORE creatively. Explore is our family's word for the year, by the way. Perfect connection!

I loved this little grass tail S! Messy hands, cute S! Other messy hands were using the wild grapes for color.

Some shaped grass into letters. Others added natural elements to the name cards. 

I love this "glitter" and sweet gum ball! Each name card was unique--this had cutwork as well as natural elements.

This is a nice frame for the name. These natural elements really set the names off and bring emphasis to the name cards.

I'm loving the end results of each of these and the happy smiles of people during the process. 

More unique ways of putting names out there and decorating! 

I like the simplicity of the drawn tree with a little fluff and the grass on the sides of the name. 

Joann was making acorn critters and sweet gum ball statues--love it. Once there was a snowman!

I like the color and balance in these. 

The grape coloring turned out great! The cute S had problems sticking, but the process was neat! 

So, Thanksgiving is coming up! Wouldn't these be perfect for name cards for the dinner table. I can think of some kids who I'd love to send outside to collect materials and get creative while we're working on dinner. Send me your pics! 

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