Monday, November 18, 2013

Painting Sticks

Day 16: Painting Sticks

We busted out the acrylic paints and paint brushes after my son found some sticks for us outside recently. There are really so many options with this and so many different types of sticks!

My self-proclaimed nature boy decided he wasn't a nature boy today, but when he saw me painting on a stick, he thought he'd join in the action. He didn't get much farther than this right here and that's perfectly okay. I wanted bright colors and stripes on my stick--I wonder why it was split along the side? 

I was in competition with my artist buddy, so I was having a hard time keeping pure colors! 

I think these make a nice pop of color in the late fall afternoons! There are many options for our painted sticks! They could be fairy wands, hiking sticks, decorations, fort building supplies, and more! To keep the finish longer, they could be covered with a clear sealing coat. 

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