Friday, November 15, 2013

Leaf Pile Art

Day 15: Leaf Pile Art

Maybe some of you have been more proactive about picking up the leaves in your yard; however, we're just getting to the leaves! We started a pile and the kids added more to it! Of course, part of the fun of a leaf pile is just making a big pile and jumping in it. I fully admit I had to fall back in them as well. The SMELL was wonderful--such a distinct smell, fresh smell! I thought this big pile looked like a big bird's with all my babies inside!

Another fun part of a leaf pile is just picking up an armful and throwing them up in the air! 

We tried a few things, such as shuffling our feet to make lines in the blanket of leaves. Do you see the triangle? I think this has possibilities, but think we will need additional practice and experimentation. I tried doing a spiral, but wasn't too successful either. IF you try it and do it well, please share your pictures!

We tried a few other leaf pile art options, such as making a face. 

My son says this is a person, but I think it looks more like a fox. He is a little obsessed with the "What Does the Fox Say?" right now. If you really want to know what the fox says, check out this link from Popular Science. I've heard the red fox in my backyard! ;-)

My other son, who has been losing teeth left and right, was very poignant as he made a statement with a "period". Really it's a dot! A circle. The letter O. I was recently introduced to this neat book at a Children, Art & Nature training.  Dot. is by Randi Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg's sister (think Facebook). In the story, this girl is great at all kinds of things, such as swiping, sharing, tapping, etc. on electronic devices! She is kicked out to play outside and learns she that she can do all those things with other children in the great outdoors. I admit, I was a bit sad at the beginning of the book when she was so "linked" to technology, yet she found her place outside eventually. Our kids are growing up in a different world! 

We also made a start!

I think the most fun was just playing with the leaves and spending time outside together. Nature Art can be a springboard for that! 

Just a few weeks ago, our leaves looked quite different and were perfect for more colorful creations! See what we did here

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