Monday, November 18, 2013

Leaf Rubbings

Day 11: Leaf Rubbings

We had some fresh leaves recently and tried various activities with them. In this case, we just tried a simple leaf rubbing with crayons. We used colored crayons, taking the paper off the crayons, so we could use the side of the crayon for a broad, even coverage of the leaves. I put the leaves under the paper, with the vein sides up. I put a piece of plain white paper on top, though several paper options could be used, such as recycled packing paper. 

I started in one corner with an orange crayon. 

I went over the whole paper with the orange crayon, with the leaves popping up little by little. 

I moved my paper slightly and added another layer of red on top of the orange. 

Later, I grabbed a teal crayon, moving the paper even more. I really liked how it felt like the leaves were moving. It shows the many colors (and then some) we might see in the fall. I particularly liked including the stem for the rubbings as it makes a dark, bold color and line. 

Later, I took this one step farther with water colors. See how I did this here. I think this would look great in a frame! 

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