This blog is dedicated to all things natural in and around Michiana. The calendar feature will keep you in the loop on natural gatherings, educational opportunities, service opportunities, and other items of interest in the area. Let's get outside Michiana!

Why start an Inside Outside Michiana webpage? I found that I was scouring AT LEAST 7-8 different sources to find information about getting outside in Michiana each month, to still miss out on opportunities in the area. I kept thinking that it would be great to have all of these events on one calendar . . . the idea festered and festered until I couldn't sleep until I got it started. Many changes and improvements will come, yet this is a great start. As I mention the idea to others, they often remark how helpful that would be. Indeed!

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Dr. Carla Gull has a doctorate degree in Instructional Leadership. She currently teaches classes online with the University of Phoenix. She is involved in many "natural" volunteer pursuits in the local area. She is available for consultation or educational work through the contact information above.

Carla was born in Elkhart county and moved away when she was eight, visiting regularly to see family in the area. Having a rather nomadic family, she thought she'd settle down in one place; however, her work and other life experiences just took her to international areas. She completed student teaching in Mexico, served as a missionary in the Dominican Republic, and worked as a partial Spanish Immersion elementary school teacher in Germany and Japan. Almost thirty years from her departure from the county, she returned back with her husband and three boys to live closer to family. The family now has four rambunctious boys. She loves exploring nature with her family!

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