Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Leaf Threading

Day 18: Leaf Threading

Many of us have used lacing cards or bead stringing. Why not try it artistically with leaves? 

Once again, we found ourselves waiting at the library. Before we left home, I grabbed yarn and my Crop-A-Dile . I love my crop-a-dile, except now they sell blue ones. I guess everything can't be color coordinated in life, though it does look good with the fall colors. I had leaves in the car, though we also found some nearby. Shh! I didn't think they would mind--it looked like they had raked and just had a few left over. 

I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch holes in my leaves to make it easier to thread my yarn. I threaded as I punched. 

After my son saw the string above, he said, "Mom, you should make a leaf necklace!"

So, we did. But he was eating a granola bar and ended up with a funny grin. :-) 

I think these would be pretty just hanging down with leaves suspended, but maybe not quite by the picnic bench. I also like it hung as a bunting! 

Any type of thread, yarn, jute, twine, etc. could be used for leaf threading. Colors, shapes, combinations, etc. can be taken into consideration as you look at the artistic side of the piece of art. This could be a great way to review leaf names, too. The same concept could be applied to leaves dipped in wax, preserved in paper, "rubbed" onto paper with crayon, etc. 

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