Friday, February 1, 2013

Elkhart County Parks--Snow!

Visiting Ox Bow just isn't complete without visiting the Wildlife Viewing Window! Of course we spent many minutes at the feeder watching the birds and other animal life. 

Krista from Elkhart County Parks explained different shapes of snow, largest snowflakes, how snow is formed, a brief overview of the water cycle, etc. I'm starting to feel smart. I knew a lot of what she was talking about as I'd given a presentation about snow to preschoolers not too long ago. Wilson Bentley's work on snowflakes is super cool! She has a good conversational tone with the children and is good at asking them questions to connect to prior knowledge. 

We learned the secret to making 6 sided snowflakes and left with materials to make borax snowflake crystals

At 50 degrees after a day with 60 degree temperatures . . . this was the only snow left! The kids still enjoyed making snowballs and at least visiting snow for a bit.

I knew this would be my son's favorite part as soon as we walked in the building. While his face isn't really showing it in this picture, this is his favorite treat when we go to the fair or other place. Snow cones!

I'm looking forward to these books on SNOW and Wilson Bentley. Snowflake Bentley is even a Caldecott Medal Winner!