Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nurturing Acorns--Space!

Nurturing Acorns at Woodlawn Nature Center started a new unit about space. This week we just had an introduction to the topic. We made name rockets as part of our opening letter time.

Outside, we had a little astronaut training, imagining how it's hard for astronauts to move all bundled  up and protected in their space suits, just like walking in boots and winter gear in the snow might be more difficult. We found the sun and also talked about how the stars and planets were still out in the sky, even though we just saw clouds and blue skies today.

We also worked on some astronaut exercise training and talked about many adaptations astronauts make in space, just as we adapt for the winter.

We had Mars Clementine oranges and Lucky Charms cereal with all the space type marshmallows.

The kids loved this new space ship! We'll have another one next week.

The space themed sensory bin proved successful.

The kids were so excited about the other activities the moms were playing with the Galaxy playdough without any kids . . .

they slowly started to explore with some space toys.

How interesting to watch them negotiate and share!

They also made some pretty neat space rockets with Magformers ! We LOVE these at our house. So versatile for all ages.

We didn't even do many planned activities as the children were so engrossed in their play/learning!