Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scout Open House at Woodlawn Nature Center

Woodlawn Nature Center had an open house for the Scouts in the area this last Friday. Of course, Girl Scout cookies were available. I don't know why I didn't buy any! :-)

In this family event, some siblings enjoyed the drums.

The sand castle and fresh water fish were a hit!

Many boys enjoyed making tracks--what a great winter activity! Unfortunately, the temperatures were in the single digits, so the night hike was canceled--looking forward to another one soon.

Other families enjoyed the insect collection.

The rocks and minerals were fun and educational as well.

Everyone listened to the director and a song for a bit.

Charlie Cauffman sang and played a couple traditional songs for the group.

The director, Fred Deferbrache, mentioned many ways Scouts might interact with Woodlawn Nature Center. He talked about overnight stays, renting the facility for meetings, camping on the site, campfires, service projects, Eagle and gold projects, becoming members, etc.

A Girl Scout shared some of the projects she is thinking about doing.

Others visited with the turtle . . .

And the puppet stage was a hit!

As the spouse of a Scout leader, a mom to a Wolf, and more boys getting ready for the scouting program, I'm glad we have many great community resources like this! There is such an energy here when the scouts start learning and interacting with the exhibits here.