Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Walker Park

We went to Walker Park in the north side of Elkhart this last week. While we've been here several times before, there were a few things I learned and/or took note of in more detail.

1. The park has a large open, grassy area in the center. This is a perfect place for a large game or flying kites as there is nothing overhead.

2. There is a large circular path around the outside of the park. It's a great place for walking with slight inclines at various parts of it. I used to come push the stroller here for a bit of exercise and then let the kids play after. I was told this week, that the path continues, crossing the Bristol street to the north and going to the woods back behind Pinewood Elementary School. There is a map in the lower Southwest corner that talks about how many miles this is. As I've walked, I talked to my younger children about the squirrels, birds, and plants we saw along the path. There are also several places to sit and playful statues.

3. Some of the trees have plaques identifying them! There is a short description as well. I've noticed the many acorns my children find by this White Oak, but hadn't noticed the sign. Good for school projects or tree studies! On another visit, my kids hung out under the pine trees in the picture above to beat the heat. Plenty of pine cone wars, I mean STUDIES! :-)

4. There is a playground! While it is more of a European style and sometimes my children don't prefer it, other times they are perfectly fine with it. With last summer's heat, we didn't go to this park as much as there is little shade. This summer . . . not so much of a worry! :-) There are swings, places to climb, and places to pretend.

5. There is also an Elk and a flower garden near the northern parking spot on Bristol Street. It's a pretty area and easy place to meet others for a little time outside. 

What do you like to do at the park?