Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wakarusa Historical Museum

I had a meeting out at Wakarusa Historical Museum earlier this week. To be honest, I didn't know it existed before. I don't go to Wakarusa very often, but maybe I should go more often as there are several interesting places to visit.

Here are a few other things to check out in Wakarusa and the nearby area. We like to combine trips when we visit places--we might opt for a nature activity, a recreational activity, and a stop at the store.

Maple Syrup Days--I've heard this is fun! I enjoy other maple syrup festivals. This is usually later in the spring. They offer Education Days several weeks beforehand.
Wakarusa Dime Store--Buy nostalgic candies, giant jelly beans, and more! A new exhibit of a giant sized Candyland game is coming in November. My kids would love to stop here after a visit to the historical museum.
Butterfly Garden--It looks like this is a pretty and nature filled area to visit.
Splash pad--We're always up for a good splash pad if the weather is above 80 degrees.
Playground--There is a picture of it here--it does look cool! I've heard there is a great playground in Wakarusa that is pretty unique. Looking forward to trying to checking it out.
Wakarusa Produce Auction--This is a great place to buy local produce in bulk. It took us a while to get the hang of it, but we're still eating the produce we canned and froze last year from the auction.
The Dented Can--This has a variety of bulk foods, deli products, and more. Canning lids are very inexpensive here if buying in bulk. I've also purchased local produce here when I didn't want to buy a whole pallet of cantaloupes. I could just get one or two!

Back to the museum . . . the Wakarusa Historical Museum consists of MANY buildings! Here is a list of what you can expect to find--a depot, a train car, windmill, Grandma's Haus, fire station, school, blacksmith's shop, bird's eye view museum, etc. I didn't make it through to all of the exhibits, but did see many! I look forward to visiting again.

Numerous historical artifacts are on display.

There were beautiful flowers outside!


There was a small school house, complete with desks, books, and more from days gone by!

There is a building with firefighter displays and older firefighting equipment. This could be a boys' dream come true!

The Wakarusa Historical Museum is open Thursdays from 12-2 and Saturday from 9-12. It looks like a promising place to look at the not just the history of Wakarusa, but of our area in general and how life was lived not too long ago!