Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Garden

This evening we watched a little video about Easter as part of our family night. It's a pretty gruesome time to think about, yet filled with hope at the same time. As winter keeps tugging at us, I saw plants pushing through the snow this morning--it gave me HOPE that SPRING really will come, just as Easter gives me HOPE in the resurrection of Jesus.

I've seen similar versions of this Easter Tomb Garden various times on the Internet. We've grown grass and wheat for Easter various times in years past, evening passing out grass seed in Easter eggs! I really liked this twist. I showed it to the boys last week and they were excited to begin. We gathered some materials . . . wheat berries, rocks, a small pot, a rock, dirt, and a dish for the garden. I love this Polish pottery piece, but it has a crack so I've been using it for "projects" rather than cooking. Wedding gift!

We placed rocks in the bottom of the dish for drainage and added a terra cotta pot on the side for a "tomb".

The boys covered it all with dirt and then put the wheat berries on top of the dirt, covering it all, even the spots I just asked them not to cover. Hmm . . . do three-year-olds act on what they hear in your house?

They covered it with another light layer of dirt. We talked about putting crosses up already, but they thought we should wait until later in the week. We'd just talked about what happened on Sunday and Monday before Easter, so they were getting into Easter count down mode. 

We misted it with water . . . the directions said to do this three times a day. We'll get our mist on tomorrow too.

Looking forward to the results and the reminder of Easter all season long! We can't wait to have a little warmer weather (hopefully more color) for our Easter Nature Walk later this week.