Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Easter Nature Walk

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. While I plan on doing more post on Spring and Easter, I needed a quick little activity/handout for my MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) group the other day. I have a HUGE binder full of Easter activities and regularly do neat activities with the kids each year. Favorites include making Resurrection Rolls, Easter Story cookies, Resurrection Eggs (that I made with the young women from my church about 14 years ago--I still use the same set each year!), and a 7 day "walk" leading up to Easter. However, I hadn't seen a good Easter based Nature Walk from a Spiritual side. I decided we needed one. While I can't wait to use it, I thought I'd share it with you in case you might be able to use it too. I'm looking forward to finding items that remind us of our Savior on a nature walk with our boys and then reading corresponding scriptures that help remind us about the spiritual side of Easter. We will report back when we use it . . . I already have a few hikes in mind, as I know they have locusts along the paths with long thorns. Some items will be interesting as the kids will need to show us something in nature that represents death. Hmm . . .

Click here for An Easter Nature Walk. Let me know how your family enjoyed it!


  1. Thank you. We are going to try this today. I would love to hear about/see links to some of your other Easter ideas and faith-in-nature ideas.

    1. We did a few activities today I'll share about soon. Would love to hear how your walk went and what else you are up to!