Saturday, January 7, 2017

Nature and Loose Parts Valentine Books

Are you ready for Valentine's Day? My mind is going there already!

  • Heart Stones--Have you ever found a heart shaped stone? So exciting to find one! The author shares a collection of 100 heart shaped stones. Great eye candy!
  • See a Heart, Share a Heart--This collection of photographed found hearts will get you ready to see hearts all around you. Beautiful coffee table book!
  • Monday Hearts for Madalene--This is a love story shown in hearts made of found and natural objects, such as asparagus, berries, buttons, and bungee cords. Great inspiration for making your own loose parts hearts! 
  • Botanical Hearts--This coloring book combines flowers in heart designs--perfect for soothing coloring time near Valentine's Day! 
  • The Day it Rained Hearts--A young girl catches hearts as they pour down outside. She uses these  hearts to make Valentines for her animal friends. 
  • Snowy Valentine--A rabbit searches the forest for a perfect Valentine gift and finds his tracks make a perfect heart! She is delighted with the heart shaped gift. 
  • Plant a Kiss--A young takes the phrase "plant a kiss" literally! She tends her garden and shares the love she grows with those around her. 

Have fun enjoying loose parts and nature for Valentine's Day! Read about some of our nature inspired Valentine's Day activities here.

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