Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Block Building Loose Parts Books

Blocks are a great standard loose parts. Blocks turn into so many creations, such as a castle, boat, house, or skyscraper. We love adding in all kinds of loose parts to block play, such as pinecones, tree cookies, acorn caps, sweet gum balls, and more! It extends the play and the imagination.

We found a couple of books on blocks at my son's preschool recently. We can check these titles out, read them at home, and then return them again later. This one might have been out a really long time! I'll get it back next week, I promise!

Block City is a simple book about the creations a boy builds. The whole living room becomes the landscape and setting for his city made of blocks. He adds more and more details and the blocks start looking like animals and people as his city expands. We like adding extras like figurines and animals, as well! At the end, utter destruction befalls the city, just as most block structures are knocked down. It's half of the fun, right? The blocks are then ready for a new excursion!

When I Build with Blocks shows the imagination that comes from block building and the diversity of thought as children build. I like how the kids are pictured in costumes as they imagine themselves in the castle, on the pirate ship, and in the haunted house.

I like that there is a plug at the end of the book reminding children to clean up! I think creations can be left out for a short time occasionally; however, I agree with having a general clean up time. Extended periods of play allow for more complex and elaborate creations. 

How do you use blocks as part of loose parts play? While regular blocks are great, I find that we enjoy communing our blocks with other natural or loose parts elements. We also enjoy taking blocks outside. Find ideas to use blocks as part of Loose Parts Play on my Pinterest Board.

There are SO many types of blocks out there that can work with your space. If you have an outdoor space and plenty of money, the Outlast Blocks from Community Playthings are wonderful! KodoKids also has a variety of block options. Scraps is a new company making cute blocks from industry castoff. What a win!

For home use, I also like the classic Melissa and Doug set or the more colorful set by them. 

Sometimes we use scrap wood for blocks, items from the local ReStore shop, cardboard tube rolls cut into chunks, tree cookie scraps, and so much more! 

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