Sunday, August 31, 2014

Playing in the Rain!

This summer, I've noticed my kids had an almost obsession with playing in the rain. They have gone so far as to delay going outside until it is actually raining. For example, one day, I said, "Why don't you guys go outside for 15 minutes or so because it's going to rain soon?" They responded, "Can't we just wait until it's raining?" Wet t-shirts and shorts have been the norm at least once a week this summer!  Thinking back to my childhood, I can remember a few specific times when I played in the rain and floodwaters as well. There was joy in getting drenched by the downpour!

Here are a few things they enjoy doing in the rain:

1. Popping bubbles that form in the bird bath! I spied him outside popping all the bubbles away. Still not quite sure how they are forming. :-)

2. Using a bucket to fill, dump, and pour!

3. Playing in the puddles with sticks.


4. Squishing toes in the mud!

5. Playing with sticks!

6. Finding the closest downspout from the gutters!

A few other ideas, I might encourage them to try in the future . . . 
7. Building dams with sticks and rocks to divert the flow of water from the pooling rain. 
8. Slip and slide in the grass and it will be especially slick.
9. Play games in the rain, like tag, soccer, kickball, etc.
10. Making mud pies.

During the summer, it's fun to go out without shoes on. In cooler weather, they may need more rain gear to go out. Obviously, we choose not to go out when there is thunder and lightening for safety reasons. I also currently banned all the new school shoes from going out in the rain. They have sandals or old tennis shoes they can wear! 

Need more inspiration and ideas on playing in the rain? Check out:

There is an undeniable joy in playing in the rain! Adults, you may enjoy a stroll in the rain as well! Next time you find it raining, try a little outdoor fun in the blessed rain! 

A little quote inspiration: 

"Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain."
- Author Unknown

"A rainy day is the perfect time for a walk in the woods"
- Rachel Carson

"Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass...
It's about Learning To Dance In The Rain."
- Vivian Greene