Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Read About Nature

Day 17: Read About Nature

I started a Nature Book Group with some friends from Indiana Master Naturalists at the beginning of 2013. It's been fun to meet monthly and learn more about nature related topics. I'm including a rather passive activity of reading in 31 Days of Nature Kindness because knowledge is power. Reading books about nature helps us understand how she works! 

When we read Never Cry Wolf we were introduced to the misconceptions and then actual observed behavior of the wolves. Knowing and understand the wolves helps us know how to best provide habitat for this animal and to live amongst local animals. Our discussion looked at how we currently have few, if any, natural predators for deer in our area (as wolves no longer are in the area). Now the deer population is booming! We talked about different methods used to control deer populations. 
Upcoming books include Walden, Alone: Journey of the Boy Sims, and The Bluebird Effect. 

What good nature related books have you read? Reading about nature could take the form of a book group. I enjoy these as I learn from our discussion and can revisit the topic. I find the people in our group often will bring in additional insight and resources. I have been going to one at Woodlawn Nature Center. Fernwood Botanical Gardens and Nature Preserve also has a book group.  Reading about nature could just be reading a book on one's own and applying principles learned and/or sharing information with others. As we learn more about nature, we can be kinder to nature. 

By the way, Never Cry Wolf was 3 weeks late to the library. Oops! That will be a hefty fine!