Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Winter Walk At Wellfield

The other day when it was about 14 degrees out, my son and I went for a walk at Wellfield Botanic Gardens on "Pay What It's Worth" Tuesday. It would have only cost about $5 to go; however, Tuesdays are special days. I hear next Tuesday is 0 degrees. While we're all about getting outside, we might try for this "warmer" weekend instead.

As you can see, it was CHILLY and a little windy. Good gloves (mine were not as good!) and a hood made a huge difference for my son.

The Spring Garden looked more like a rock garden. I'm sure it will be popping in a few more months. 

The Woodland Conservation Garden has great potential. I look forward to seeing what they will do with it!

We found nice tracks in the snow!

While the spring and summer flowers are not to be seen right now, there are beautiful pieces of art throughout the gardens.  

I am not sure what is going on here, but it did appear as though shoots were popping through the snow. 

The Japanese Bridge still looks beautiful! After living 4 years in Japan, I love seeing slices of life that remind me of my time there. 

I will say, my son was very excited to see a port-a-potty! I liked the painted garbage cans! 

Wildflowers were left for birds to eat seeds and find cover over winter. These bright red berries were a nice splash of color. 

There is water throughout the gardens. This pond seemed mostly frozen over with a nice layer of snow. 

My son enjoyed finding all the statues of animals throughout the gardens! Cristiana Creek flows nearby, so some water was flowing. It looks like several construction projects have been in the works recently!

I love seeing that Wellfield is working toward shoreline habitat restoration projects. It's lovely that such a beautiful space is also creating space for animals. That is very evidenced in other tracks we saw in our walk! We also noticed a spot to refill water bottles near the front entrance. My phone died about here again due to the chilly temps! We enjoyed the rest of the chilly walk, watching the small waterfall, the beginnings of the Adventure Garden, and passing the decorated Elk. It looks like they are up to three now. Inside the visitor center, there were a few displays on plans for Wellfield, birds that have been found at the gardens, and pamphlets to learn more.