Monday, November 25, 2013

Snow Painting

Day 18: Snow Painting!

We woke up to a bit of snow this week--it's the most we have had so far this year! The first snowfall is always a little magical. 

I've done snow painting with preschoolers last winter. We just used spray bottles with water and food coloring. This time, I had a little of blueberry juice and decided to try it out! The colors were not as vibrant, but the method of spraying also diffuses the potency of color as well. Trying out different natural dyes is pretty fun, like when we colored Easter eggs this last spring. 

I tried a little writing: Hello, world! I wonder if the birds will read it. 

Our last name is Gull, so I also tried making the classic seagull shape. 

Other options for this include using condiment bottles. This would make a more concentrated color in one place. An eye dropper and cups of colored water would also add a different approach to the concept. Cups of water could also be used, yet there would not be as much control over the product.

I also usually have a whole array of colors when I do this at the nature center, which might add to the mix. I wasn't terribly thrilled with the results, but wouldn't mind exploring the technique more. I like how transient the art is--it will quickly be covered over by more snow or melt into the grass again. 

Here are a few other takes done by others:
Using Stencils--they also used kool-aid for the color

If you try it, share what you've done! Enjoy the snow!