Monday, November 4, 2013

A Bracelet Walk

Day 4: Bracelet Walk

We started with some masking tape, clear packing tape (we've moved a lot--we have plenty!), and some scissors. Each child had a preferred tape. If I were doing it with masking tape again, I'd try to get the wider tape. I think I liked the clear packing tape better, which I'll explain in more detail below.

We measured and cut off enough to go around the wrists. We did double wrist bracelets, as it seemed like Super Hero cuffs. Yep, a house full of boys, so Super Hero cuffs they must be. 

Off the boys went to find "treasures" in the yard. They walked all over the place looking for little scraps that would be perfect for their bracelets. 

Wonder Twin Powers Activate. Form of a __________. Okay, I'm dating myself here! 

The younger one decided the bracelets would make a nice decoration on the posts in the front yard when he was done. 

His older brother was a little more creative with his finds, finding pine needles, sticks, moss, and more.

Inside, we decided to put the tape onto paper to preserve it. As I mentioned, I really liked the clear tape for this as we could see all the neat textures and colors behind it. It could even be folded over to make a book mark for another option. When someone saw his older brother labeling his nature finds, he had to write a long sentence about his nature walk. He drew lots of leaves on his paper, too. 

We put the date on this and now we can add it to nature journals, too. What functional jewelry! 

I liked this activity for several reasons. These guys are 4 and 7 and had no problems trying out the 'bracelets'. It was a quick activity to actually do, it got the kids outside exploring in the afternoon, it used common materials we used around the house, and it left itself open to interpretation. We extended the activity with a little literacy and record keeping. 

I've done bracelet walks with preschool groups, too, which can be fun. It's nice to walk with your hands free yet still make a collection as you go to document the trip.  

Martha Stewart (I should pull out a picture I have with her--we're buds! Okay, I met her at a graduation ceremony one year for work) has another variation that is a little classier. She has you use electrical tape (a little prettier) and then puts plastic wrap over it when finished, and finishes it off with a bow. Here are her directions for another version. 

Each season would also yield quite different results. This could be done over and over, if desired. Here are pretty ones with flowers and duct tape.