Saturday, October 19, 2013

Local Honey

On our way back from Kalamazoo, we found the honey spot! We bought a gallon from here when we first moved to the area and were needing more. Did you know that honey pretty much lasts indefinitely? This is located on M40, near M12 in southern Michigan.

There was a small building which they use for housing their wares. The path up to the building is pretty, with different textures, smells, etc. I can imagine the bees flourishing in this habitat a little earlier in the year. 

Inside, they had an example of the life of a bee, with clear viewing windows. They sell candles and honey mostly. 

They were thoughtful in having a cute little space to show and sell their wares. We felt good getting our food here.

Do you have favorite roadside spots you stop for local food? Do you use local honey?