Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mother, Sons, Wild


Have you ever seen Man, Woman, Wild? I started watching an episode tonight before the kids went to bed tonight and in no time I had three boys engrossed in the show. What's not to like? A man and woman and are dropped off in different wilderness situations around the world. They need to survive for several days with very limited provisions. The couple find water, make shelter and fire, procure food, etc. It might be a bit squeamish for some--they were eating snakes and salamanders on the episodes we watched. The first episode even had a snake that had a mouse still inside as they prepared to eat it. So, I guess there is the gross factor, isn't there?

While watching the show, this young man went outside and grabbed a bunch of grass, as seen above. He picked out all the green leaves and ate them so he could be like the couple on Man, Woman, Wild. Hmm . . . these were his leftovers, I guess he could have used these to help him start his fire, but he decided to return them to the wild front yard. He helped pull garlic mustard, that tasty invasive last spring and went on several wild edible hikes this last year. Might be time to talk a little more in depth about what's okay to eat out there. But, it's only grass, not weed, right?

Are there any loosely nature related television shows you like to watch?

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