Friday, March 15, 2013

Made in Michiana

A stop at Made in Michiana  was not an initial part of my itinerary this afternoon, but I'm glad I had to pass through the shop to get to The Dino Store. This is a unique store located near the South Bend Chocolate Cafe and the former College Football Hall of Fame in downtown South Bend. All the products in the store are hand-crafted by local artists! How cool is that? (Okay--I saw it on a sign, but it doesn't lesson the COOL factor of it!).

I must say, the whole store is eye candy! I loved the colors, textures, and eye for detail. There was even a service project collection for Petey's friends at the South Bend Animal Care & Control. While the shop keeper was friendly and immediately put me at ease in the store, there is also a factor of community and care in the store.

I know this is a nature blog . . . how is this connected to nature you might ask? Many elements used in the art are natural or nature inspired for one. Secondly, many artists are also inspired by nature. I loved seeing upcycled pieces and parts made into beautiful things I would want in my home (hint, hint hubby of mine!) and that would make great gifts.

I've loved rocks for a long time, so these little dangles caught my eye immediately. I also loved this celestial little stool!

Is it okay to call these delicious? How precious are the owls and butterfly of felted wool?

Nature photography, paintings, and other wall art lined the store.

The natural elements on these cork boards (upcycled!) caught my eye.

More rocks on silverware . . .

I love natural wood--these are beautiful turned wood bowls. Gorgeous!

This was a good reminder for me, too. I know many are anxious for spring--we are seeing many signs of it already!

Various photographers share photos of nature near and far.

Cute bird and spider hats!

I loved this table! The outside says "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere! A. Einstein." I thought the $250 price tag on this was VERY reasonable for a hand painted work of art that is also functional.

Nice mosaics. I have a lovely fish mosaic my sister made, too. 

Upcycled garden art . . .

Gorgeous jewelry . . . I love rocks! Did I mention that? I have a 7-month-old teething on anything around my neck right now, so I thought I need to visit again when he's beyond this oral period.

Petey Boxer calls Made in Michiana home. Thanks for cleaning off the baby's head! He has a happy ending to his story and is world famous! He was great with my kids. He's even on Facebook!

Made in Michiana is delightful! It's great inspiration if you want to make your own items yet also has VERY reasonable prices. I ended up with a treat for my husband's birthday this next week and something for my mom for Mother's Day, though I EASILY could have purchased many other items. Classes are also offered there! Find them on Facebook here. Made in Michiana started as a pop up store during the holiday season of 2011--I can see why it stayed around! 

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