Friday, July 7, 2017

Joyful Noise: A Book Review

Don't you love finding something at a garage sale? I stumbled upon Joyful Noise recently. The mom said she loved it in her classroom when she was a teacher. Note the Newbery Medal? I like Newbery books! It also is all nature based, with poems that are meant to be read by two people. As I read through the book, I wanted to hear what these would sound like when presented by two people. Of course, I took to Youtube! Here is one rendition of the poems.

Here is the Table of Contents--lots of topics to use a poem with! Grasshoppers, mayflies, water striders, fireflies, book lice, moths, honeybees, crickets, and more. This is an insect feast! As you can see, each poem has two columns. If there is something on both columns, both readers say it at the same time and then take turns when there is something in their column otherwise. 

I thought the poems were delightful! I look forward to using these with groups and the kids! It has great reviews on Amazon. has several resources, such as author interviews, activity sheets, etc., but it looks like they just made the resources available after log in. 

If you read the blog much, you know I like nature and insects, so a book with poetry about bugs is right up my alley! I would use this to supplement a macro invertebrate study, to read on a hike, at a community festival about bugs, or on a night out catching fireflies. I like the presentation aspect and think they would be fun to coordinate for a reading. 

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