Friday, January 1, 2016

Turkeys: A Book Review

Turkeys is a simple, Level 1 reader about farm animals. It mentions wild turkeys briefly at the beginning; however, it focuses on the farm animals. Farm turkeys are too heavy to fly, unlike wild turkeys. 

Key words are in bold throughout the simple text. Key words include wild, fan, wattle, grains, graze, social, and crowd. There is a glossary for these words in the back. There are a couple of books listed at the back to learn more and a website to visit. I like the photographs throughout the book to see examples of the text. Arrows and labels help illustrate the information. A table of contents and index helps beginning readers get used to this type of content in a book. 

I might use a book like this around Thanksgiving time since turkeys are popular then. I might also use it to compare against wild turkeys. 

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